Photo credit: Davren Noble

About Jeiris Cook 

Jeiris Cook, a former mattress salesman & warehouse manager, dove with both feet into full-time musicianship at the age of 37 with a young family in tow. After many late nights after work honing his guitar playing skills,  a 2017 camping trip with his son proved to be a prime opportunity to test his newly developed skill. How does one go from mattress sales to troubadour you might ask? In Cook's words “I'd always sing in situations when it wasn't deemed appropriate. I'd sing at work, during meetings or conference calls and I realized my calling. Like the universe kept knocking me in the head to drive the message home".

Fast forward 7 years later and he's played in several venues, restaurants, private events and showcases in and around the New York Metro area. 

He volunteers with Musicians On Call, an organization that brings the healing power of music therapy to people who need it most. He is an ardent believer in the healing properties of music and considers his continued service with Musicians On Call one of his greatest contributions to music. 

In 2021 Cook released "Date Night", and in 2022 he released "Drunk" which was recorded at Hybrid Studios in Nazareth, PA and produced by Kevin Soffera. Cook also released an EP that same year with Vern Miller (world-renown bassist for 60s band The Remains) entitled “The Vern Miller/Jeiris Cook Project”, a collection of 5 songs recorded mostly during the 2020 pandemic year. The project was written & produced by both Vern Miller, eiris Cook and completed remotely in its entirety.

On September 29th, 2023, Cook released his long awaited full-length debut  album entitled “Patchwork” to critical acclaim. The ten song LP showcases Cook’s lyrical depth and feel good arrangements, centered around a velvety liquid voice. Cook explores a variety of topics ranging from perseverance  to self-care. “Patchwork” was produced by Kevin Soffera of Hybrid Studios in Nazareth, PA.

He is a father to 3 boys (Jeiris X, Lucien & Kaeden) and is married to Jennifer Cook. 

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